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Ray E. Phillips was a physician, activitist and an exceptional Storyteller - he is the author of many medical texts as well as The River Quintet, a wonderful novel series!

Dr. Ray E. Phillips'



Dr. Ray E. Phillips

The writer of these historical novels and medical texts is Dr. Raymond Phillips of Kent Lakes in New York. He is a physician who has practiced medicine for many years in Sleepy Hollow, New York. A graduate of Yale Medical School, Dr. Phillips trained in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins and New York-Cornell Hospital. While serving in the United States Air Force, he was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the Aero-Space Research and Development Section, performing Dynamic Stress Testing on candidates for the astronaut program.

Afterwards, throughout a long career in hospital and community health care, he worked in academic medicine as an Associate Professor at New York Medical College and Westchester Medical Center. In addition, he has been active in international medicine as Director of Medical Exchange International, a non-profit organization conducting global projects in underserved countries, most recently in Nepal. He has always been an enthusiastic hiker, paddler, and sailor with a keen fascination for the endless marvels of the outdoors. As a result of these longtime pursuits and interest in history, he conducted many adult education courses on the History of the Hudson River and, recently, presented talks as a ‘doctor’ in the American Revolutionary War.

The medical writing has focused on making complex scientific subjects more comprehensible for the clinician. The novels, for readers of all ages, have served as a venue for integrating history and nature into compelling stories about people of long ago.

(Despite the untimely death of Dr. Phillips in 2021, his website will be continued and maintained by Quill Publications, LLC.)


From Our Readrers

Renowned storyteller and musician featuring the culture of Native Americans.

Dr. Phillips’ works are gripping, adventurous, and educational, while sensitive to the indigenous viewpoint, with an understanding of the human spirit and cultural practices of the time, and our relationship to Mother Earth.​

Author and retired teacher of Social Studies in the Albany City School District

Tail Feather is an interesting, historically accurate and absorbing tale of a young Mohawk Indian as he begins his coming of age maturation through native customs and rites of passage. Dr. Phillips’ storyline includes representations of nearly all aspects of Native American culture during the early 17th century. Tail Feather experiences life changing situations and decisions that form a foundation for his future and a strong framework for his character.

Reviewer, The New York Almanack

Tail Feather was a great read. Presents a cinematic tour of the Hudson and a moving coming-of-age story. A fun adventure, while illuminating of the time period, landscape, and culture. Highly recommended!

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